NOVA University of Lisbon (Portugal)

NOVA University Lisbon (UNL) is a public University aimed to foster innovative multidisciplinary knowledge. Nowadays NOVA has more than 20 000 students and 1 800 teachers, distributed by 9 Academic Units (AU) in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, and hosts 41 Research Units.

The Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT) is one of the 9 AUs, and it is recognized nationally and internationally for the scientific quality of its postgraduate education, research and development of international cooperation. Evaluation of health interventions is at the core of the areas of IHMT, which consists of a vast experience in the design, implementation and use of results of evaluation processes of interventions at the international, national and local levels, and aimed at different target-populations including health professionals, policy-makers and local communities.

Furthermore, IHMT has the ability to measure direct and indirect outcomes of interventions through quantitative and qualitative techniques of data collection and full competence to develop evaluation plans in respect of local socio-sanitarian and organizational contexts, and to use the results of evaluation to formulate recommendations for policymaking. In VAX-TRUST, NOVA University of Lisbon team is the leader of work package 6 and partner in work packages 1, 7, 8, and 9. 

Nova University of Lisbon Team

Tiago Correia, Associate Professor

Email: tiago.correia(at)