Work Package 1: Ethics of data collection, interventions, evaluation and recommendations

The objective of WP1 is the managing, monitoring, reviewing, and approving all ethical aspects of the project and ensuring strict compliance of research outcomes with national and European rules concerning privacy, data protection, voluntary participation in the project, and monitoring of data handling and responsible dissemination.

Work Package 2: A situation analysis of vaccine hesitancy in the Target Regions and Europe

The objective of WP 2 is to review the state-of-the-art of existing and on-going studies in Target Regions, to analyze macro-level factors impacting vaccine hesitancy in Europe, and to analyze individual-level factors, as well as the interaction between individual-level and macro-level factors impacting vaccine hesitancy in Europe

Work Package 3: Media coverage related to vaccination

The objective of the WP3 is to provide a comparative analysis of the media discourses on vaccination in the Target Regions, and to analyze the discourse on vaccination and vaccinating, considering the elements of vaccine hesitancy

Work Package 4: Detailed examination of vaccine hesitancy in Target Regions

The WP4 focuses on the interactions between healthcare professionals and parents in the consulting rooms, and analyses knowledge, beliefs and practices of these two groups separately.

Work Package 5: Design and implementation of tailored and evidence-based interventions

The objective of WP5 is to design a tailored and evidence-based intervention to reduce vaccine hesitancy and consolidate vaccination coverage in Target Regions, to implement a targeted and tailored individual-level intervention for healthcare professionals, and to summarize the implemented intervention models.

Work Package 6: Evaluation of interventions

The general objective of WP6 is to design and implement the evaluation plan of WP5, namely the interventions intended to reduce vaccine hesitancy and consolidate vaccination coverage through strengthening the interface between the patients’ need for information and health professionals communication.

Work Package 7: Recommendations

The objective of the WP7 is to design and develop recommendations targeted at specific populations, health care professionals and health care authorities for each Target Region analyzed, to build recommendations for interventions to the European Union, national and regional public health authorities, healthcare centres and healthcare professionals based on the previous and implemented
interventions, and to develop recommendations for vaccine hesitancy among different population groups in Target Regions.

Work Package 8: Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results

The objective of WP8 is to ensure and efficient communication, exploitation and dissemination

Work Package 9: Project management

The key objective of WP9 is to provide the organizational and personal resources for the consortium management.