Our objectives

Objective 1: Increase knowledge about the situation of vaccine hesitancy in specific regions through:

  • review of existing studies regarding vaccine hesitancy
  • analysis of macro-level factors impacting vaccine hesitancy
  • analysis of individual and socio-demographic factors of vaccine hesitancy and resistance
  • analysis of media coverage on vaccinations

Objective 2: To understand deeply the position of healthcare professionals in terms of vaccine hesitancy, we will undertake an ethically sound in-depth qualitative study on vaccine hesitancy in specific regional contexts of the seven countries, in order to gather up-to-date information about:

  • the interaction between healthcare professionals and vaccine hesitant parents
  • the perceptions, attitudes and behavior of vaccine hesitant parents
  • the perceptions and reflections on vaccines and vaccination programmes of healthcare professionals themselves

Objective 3: Based on the qualitative study, we will identify, tailor and implement an intervention that aims at helping healthcare professionals strengthen their expert position when meeting with vaccine hesitancy and related challenges to expertise, expert knowledge and evidence-based recommendations.

Objective 4: Examine the evaluability of this intervention, train its evaluators and evaluate the implemented interventions.

Objective 5: Draw readily implementable recommendations for healthcare authorities and professionals that would help healthcare professionals to deal with vaccine hesitancy which, in turn, would increase vaccine uptake in the regional settings and beyond.

Objective 6: Disseminate the knowledge collected in the project in:

  • research publications
  • policy briefs to healthcare authorities
  • outreach activities
  • specific exploitation action to healthcare students in order to strengthen the development of strong expertise to meet with future challenges of vaccine hesitancy and expertise.

VAX-TRUST project includes five phases:

  1. Planning has been started when preparing the VAX-TRUST proposal and will continue after the funding decision.
  2. Situation analysis includes two elements: Review of existing scholarship and the relationship between macro-level factors and people’s attitudes toward vaccination (Work package 2) and Media coverage on vaccination (Work package 3)
  3. Research: Qualitatitive study on vaccine hesitancy in the Target Regions (Work package 4)
  4. Intervention: Intervention to healthcare professionals in each Target Region (Work package 5)
  5. Conclusion: Evaluation of intervention (Work package 6) and Drawing recommendations (Work package 7)

VAX-TRUST project outcomes include:

  • Increased understanding of vaccine hesitancy in Target Regions
  • Tools to healthcare professionals and authorities